Adoration Reopening: Effective Friday, July 3rd

Posted on 7/3/2020

Dear Blessed Sacrament Adorers,

          The Blessed Sacrament Adoration Chapel reopened Friday, July 3rd, at 12am.  Below is the list of updated instructions to be mindful of:

·       If you are sick and/or feeling unwell, please do NOT come

·       If you are ever in need of a sub and are unable to find one, please contact Caleb at

o   Inviting someone who doesn’t have a Holy Hour to be your sub is a great to way to Evangelize!

·       Please sanitize your hands prior to entering the Chapel (sanitizing station at interior entrance)

·       Masks are OPTIONAL

·       There is NO SIGN IN SHEET at this time to prevent the spread of any germs with paper and pens

·       There are to be no more than 4 people in the Chapel at any given time

o   You are always welcome to pray outside in your car at anytime

o   Priority is given to those adorers who have signed up for a given time

·       You are welcome to bring reading material with you, provided that you take it back with you when you leave

·       If you use the restroom, please exit out the door you entered, and after using the restroom please wipe down/sanitize the bathroom area you were in with the sanitation spray and paper towels

·       When you leave:

o   please spray and wipe down your chair and kneeler (solution spray bottles and paper towels located in the Chapel)

o   please remove any reading material your brought with you

o   please take a sanitation wipe with you on your way out and wipe down the inside and outdoor door handles

Please take a moment to view this video with our updated procedures:

Adoration Chapel Reopening Video

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks & God Bless!



Posted on 10/8/2018

Posted on 10/8/2018


Come, Let us Adore Him!



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